Managing artistes requires more than just connecting the dots between music, live and promotion.  It's much more about recognising and truly believing in the unique talents of each artiste you work with so that you are determined to see them achieve their full potential as much, if not more, then they themselves are. The journey is often long and difficult to navigate, while the challenges and disappointments along the way can tempt even the most ambitious and determined artiste to question whether or not they're on the right path.  It's precisely at these crossroads that a genuine and trusted relationship between artiste and management is crucial, because it's the role of a manager to steer the course of destiny in the right direction.  With time it becomes a loyal partnership that resembles a sort of unconventional marriage, clocking up hours and days - setting new goals and expanding dreams; while managing the ups and the downs and all the in-betweens.  But always with a compass and a plan to ensure that the artiste, come hell or high water, never abandons that road, because a good manager knows that the road itself is the destination, and so just by keeping his artiste on track, he's winning with every step.