The music industry is based on relationships and who you know rather than what you know. Running your own events can be a minefield from knowing who you want to book to how you can book them to getting through to the right people without going through 2 or 3 different people and being charged the right kind of fees. Unfortunately, there is no rule book and there certainly is no fast track way to get from A-B therefore most promoters have to learn the hard way which unfortunately means booking acts you may not want in order to start developing a relationship and also paying well over the odds.

Fresh has over 20 years experience as a booking agency and is one of the most established in the UK. We now provide a lifeline to circumvent all these issues with our event line up curation and booking service. This service provides honest and upfront advise from bookings acts to event management to event promotion making introductions and bringing things to the table that will inevitably save time and money, making what provide a must have service. We work transparently sharing contacts and information ensuring the client is fully across everything where instead of hiding fees and allowing people to see who is the ultimate booking agent is. We become part of your team and simply charge and agree fee for our service which we guarantee, with the savings we make you won’t even notice.



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