Territory: The World




ZOFIA taught herself to DJ using Youtube, and as soon as restrictions eased she sought opportunities to DJ live, bagging her first set at Bristol’s iconic venue Lakota and Lakota then became her regular DJ spot. During this time she also threw herself into community radio, alongside completing her degree.

Once in London, she found herself a home on Select Radio, progressing to become a presenter on Capital Dance. During her time at Capital Dance she has covered prime-time shows on Capital Dance and Capital FM, interviewing artists, being involved in social media and has recently taken over the Capital Dance Evening Show with huge success! Zofia brings the vibes to weekday evenings, every Monday - Thursday from 7PM - 10PM.

Djing up and down the UK in 2023 at events like Foreverland, Ministry of Sound, Housesessinos and more. Zofia just keeps rising and it’s easy to see why! 2024 is going to be her biggest year yet…