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Secret Symphony is NOT a traditional orchestra, we repeat, not a traditional orchestra, and their spectacular shows evidence that!

Performing shows all over the UK & internationally in unique locations & surroundings that sits firmly outside the box of traditional utilising both indoor and outside spaces of any description, from Symphony Halls, Cathedrals, Festival stages, Parks and city centre urban spaces to name a few!

A diverse portfolio of show concepts include their ibiza proms and themed shows that include 80s, 90s, britpop & ska soundtracks, traditional proms or curated playlists around occasions and anniversaries of significance that include the 50th anniversary of the Apollo11 moon landing, the 100year anniversary of WW1, the Queens 90th birthday!

The Orchestra is scaleable and very experienced

Add an extra show day to existing festivals / events to add extra revenue exponentially.

Stand Alone Promoted Shows
Large events & festival staged shows
Bolt-On Events
Tours with National promoters
International shows
Corporate shows

We are also your perfect musical partner to develop orchestra concepts and support other artists in a spectacular show concept!

‘The Music Sounds Better With YOU!’