Territory:  The World



Innovate, creative, inspirational. Just three words to define Jamie Duggan’s mammoth career. Few can lay a claim of starting a scene, but from the age of 17, Jamie set his goals high. Taking his pioneer of the Niche brand to every corner of the world and exploiting his larger than life persona, Jamie Duggan is a synonymous name with the dance music.

He has been a long-time organiser of Wired Events, running the widely popular night club TANK in Sheffield, as well as huge festivals like FearFest, SpringFest, SummerFest, Parked Out, BassFest and Circle Festival with massive success. All this while playing at events all across the UK including WAH and XOYO in London and Creamfields every summer, to name only a few! It’s easy to see why Jamie Duggan remains at the top of the chain within the Bassline and Speed Garage scene.