In an industry where help, guidance and support is very limited especially for those that are just starting out but also for those with experience we are in a unique position to offer a lifeline. Fresh have been finding and developing artistes for over 20 years and has been the backbone of what we do only without recognising that this is what it is because we just do it. Since Covid we realised the need for providing an actual recognised service even more as people, young people specifically had time on their hands to learn and make music only they had no idea what to do with it beyond having a great track and with people having time to spend learning to DJ but again no clue what to do next. We have found that with our experience and contacts we can open doors that would remain firmly shut which we have proven time and again.

We firmly believe that with the combination of our expertise and the raw talent that is out there we can build a relationship that will help get individuals get where they want to be within the industry or at the very least have a good head start. From agency, management, to rebranding, professional social media and marketing advise to overseeing your events and track releases to ensure you are filling your potential. Our full in-house service will help us - help you to find your footing. If you are looking to grow and expand your horizons our Artiste Development programme is perfect for you. We are flexible on budgeting and are happy to tailor a plan that will work for your musical and financial needs.



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